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Need Help Making Your Lawn Look Its Best?

Brevard County, Florida has a warm climate and high humidity making it the perfect place to grow certain types of ornamental grass and plants. Even if you have a green thumb, though, you might need help making your lawn look its best. If you want a lawn that will make your friends and family proud and your neighbors taking a second and third look, call Price Termite & Pest Control. Our services for lawn and ornamental care range from treating your lawn to preventing diseases from taking over your plants. Please call us now at (888) 582-2901 for a free estimate.

Lawn Treatment

Landscaping Your Home

Many of you may have owned your home for years but now have decided to invest in some help with lawn and ornamental care in order to beautify and or analyze, control and correct some detrimental condition that has affected your lawn, plants, shrubs and/or trees. At Price Termite & Pest Control, we believe that proper landscaping is the best way to ensure the survival of your shrubs, trees, grass and other plants growing in your yard. As an example, during our first appointment with you, we’ll talk about the type of drainage that you need in your lawn and how you can add different types of plants and grasses to keep all those plants growing and thriving.

Preventing Diseases and Weeds

In Brevard, Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida, a common occurrence is browning on the leaves of your favorite plants and brown spots forming on your lawn. This is caused by certain plant diseases. Proper mowing, watering and general maintenance of your lawn can help. We understand that you don’t always have the time that it takes to care for your lawn, so Price Termite & Pest Control offers lawn and ornamental care services from our trained and certified personnel. We can increase the health of your lawn, prevent certain plant diseases from taking over your lawn and improve the way your home looks.

Long-Term Care for Your Lawn

Too many people make the mistake of thinking after a first appointment with a lawn and ornamental care company, they notice improvement and think they got it all handled and don’t need any further help. Well, we know after three decades of experience in Florida that it is a mistake, so we work out a simple schedule with you that lets us come back every week or every few weeks to take care of your lawn and keep it looking healthy. Ridding your lawn of potentially dangerous weeds and grasses and fertilizing when needed are just a few of the services that we offer at Price Termite & Pest Control. Get the lawn you always wanted within a few days or weeks. Contact us today at (888) 582-2901 for a free estimate.

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